Eco statement

The goal of the Modulbau company is to develop sustainable production. We do understand the extent of the environmental pollution problem in the modern world. Thus, reducing the negative impact of production is our main priority.

Our innovative developments play an important role in achieving the environmental goals of Modulbau. Our Laboratory of New Products is testing new environmentally friendly technologies and materials used in the manufacturing process.

Nowadays Modulbau has already been following Green Standards by:

  • significantly reducing waste and construction debris;
  • optimizing logistics;
  • reducing the level of noise and vibration in the factory workshops;
  • monitoring personnel safety;
  • using materials and equipment with appropriate quality certificates for production of bathroom modules.

We strive to:

  • create new types of recyclable products with a longer service life;
  • arrange delivery of modules without packaging;
  • develop innovative projects seeking to improve energy efficiency;
  • participate in environmental programs and projects:
  • achieve maximum performance with minimum damage to the environment.

Environmental restrictions are a growth point for us, as well as an opportunity to become one of the first companies in Russia to implement the B2P (business-to-people) approach, i.e. to cater business towards creating value for society as a whole.

We understand that the work towards cleaner production is a gradual and step-by-step process.  It requires additional investments, painstaking efforts, and multiple approvals. Only regular work in this direction makes it possible to create a product of the highest quality and to save the environment