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Privacy Policy and Terms of use of website
Please carefully read this Privacy Policy before prior to use of this Website. 
By use of this Website, you tacitly accept the Terms and Conditions specified below. Please, do not use this Website in case you disagree with these Terms and Provisions. These Terms and Conditions of the Website use are adopted by Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC in order to protect the rights and interests of Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC and the third parties at advertising services provision. 
Terms and Definitions

  • the Company – Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC(Russia, 142000, Domodedovo, Kashirskoe shosse, 10, OGRN 1187746870630, INN 7722467848/KPP 500901001); 
  • the User – a legal entity (including an employee of the legal entity or a representative of the legal entity acting on a basis of a power of attorney) or a natural person, information and data on which may be collected, processed and analyzed during Services provision.
  • Services – services provided by the Company to legal entities or natural persons on the conditions and in manner specified by the contracts therewith; 
  • Website – the Company Website

Materials Usage Guidelines 
This website is owned and managed by Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC. No material (including graphic materials) of this Website may be copied or interpreted and published in any form without a consent of Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC. 
Storage of materials of this Website is permitted only in order to learn the Company’s services. The use of other materials of the Website at other Internet resources without a written consent is prohibited. Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC seeks to ensure but not guarantees the privacy and protection of any information posted on the Website or sourced from the Website. Transfer of information posted on the Website means a consent of the User to reproduce, distribute, disclose or to use information in any other way. By posting information and materials the User also warrants that He/She/It possesses the rights and authorities required therefor with account for the conditions stipulated in this Privacy Policy and that such information posting does not infringe any legal rights and interests of any third parties, any international treaties and the legislation of the Russian Federation in force. 
By accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Internet Website use the User agrees to: 

  1. Provide information for its further uncontrolled processing by the Company in its own interests. Including Data automatically obtained by the Company in the process of Services provision through the use of state-of-the-art means of information collection and processing for advertising purposes, including proprietary or third party’ software, and specifically, IP-address, “cookies” information (including information on the User location: city/town, User’s structure, User’s behavior at the advertiser website, as well as User’s interests and orders), information about browser (or other software for Internet access), access time, requested page address 
  2. Receive promotional and informational materials concerning Services provided by the Company via email the User has indicated at the Website. In general, the Company does not verify correctness of information provided by the User and does not control over its legal capacity of Users. The results of incorrect information submission by the User are governed by the contract concluded between the Company and the User, and the User shall be held responsible for incorrect information submission. 

The Company processes obtained information in order to: 

  • provide the Services to the User; 
  • provide notices on the Company Services and events conducted by the Company; 
  • prepare and send answers to requests of the User.

The list of activities with the use of submitted information, approved by the User Collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, adjustment (updates and amendments), usage, depersonalization, transfer to third parties for the purposes listed above and pursuing other activities stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation by means of manual and automated methods. 
The Company stores the information of the Users. The User information is maintained confidential unless the User voluntary shares this information with third parties. 
The Company is entitled to transfer the User information to third parties in the following cases: 

  • The User expressed a consent for such actions; 
  • The transfer is mandatory within rendering any service by the Company to the User; 
  • The transfer is covered in the Russian or any other applicable legislation within a procedure set by the legislation; 
  • In order to protect rights and legal interests of the Company or third parties when the User breaks the terms of the contract concluded with the Company. 

This consent is effective until its withdrawal by the User conducted through sending corresponding notification to the following e-mail address:, or to: Russia, 142000, Domodedovo, Kashirskoe shosse, 10.

Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC will not be liable for any damages resulting from access (or unability of access) or from your attitude to the information posted on this Website. All the information on this Website is provided without guarantees of any kind either express or implied. Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC does not guarantee correct functioning of the Website and will not be liable for any materials published at this Website, including any advertising materials, and will not be liable for their correctness and reliability in-use. 
The Company takes the following measures in order to protect User information
The Company takes all the necessary and adequate organizational and technical measures to protect User information against illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution or against any other illegal actions of third parties. The User may, at any time, change (update, add, delete) information provided earlier or any part thereof and its confidentiality parameters by sending a corresponding request to the following e-mail affress:, or to: Russia, 142000, Domodedovo, Kashirskoe shosse, 10.
Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligent attitude or reckless disregard, Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC will bet liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by the use of this Website or by unability to use it even in case when Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC or its representatives were notified about possibility of such losses occurrence. Modulnye Konstrukcii LLC may use any information published at this Website at its sole discretion without any restrictions except for those imposed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 
The User confirms that he was familiarized with all the paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions and that he unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions.