Prefabricated bathroom pod with full finishing is a light portable structure made of state-of-the-art materials. Our prefabricated sanitary pods are in no way comparable with same-type reinforced-concrete cabins of 70s.

Modulbau prefabricated bathroom pods are tailor-designed for individual customers and are factory-manufactured. Pods are completed as per customer requirements and are packaged and delivered on-site by the Company. Modular sanitary facilities are delivered to the construction site as complete units ready for installation.

  • 1

    Wastewater riser

  • 2

    Hot-water supply riser pipes

  • 3

    Cold-water supply riser pipes

  • 4

    Ceiling panel

  • 5

    Rack profile

  • 6

    Water-proof sheet gypsum plasterboard

  • 7

    Electrical box

  • 8

    Inlet to an apartment panel board

  • 9

    Potential equalization box

  • 10

    Inlet of additional potential equalization system to an apartment panel board

  • 11

    Hot-water supply pipes routing

  • 12

    Cold-water supply pipes routing

  • 13


  • 14

    Electrical wiring

  • 15

    Multibutton switch (lightning, ventilation, mirror light)

Individual designing of sanitary facilities makes possible to meet any Customer requirements as to shape, dimensions and components of prefabricated bathroom pods:

  • 1

    Floor (Patent RF RU191086U1) - Waterproof finish + ceramic tiles

  • 2

    Bathroom ceramics set

  • 3

    Ceramic wall tiles

  • 4


  • 5

    Built-in furniture

Pods are designed based on the terms of reference specified by the Customer and have different shapes and dimensions for different applications:

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Types of finishing

Prefabricated bathroom pods can be manufactured with different types of finishing

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  • 01.


    starting from 130 000 rubles

    The “Standard” type of finishing is used for prefabricated bathroom pods in economy class residential buildings, in offices, dormitories, three-star hotels, hospitals, general purpose buildings. The focus is on optimum combination of quality and cost of materials.

  • 02.


    starting from 180 000 rubles

    The “Comfort” type of finishing is used for prefabricated bathroom facilities installed in comfort and business class residential buildings, apartments and four-star hotels. Materials and sanitary fitments are selected based on the property designation.

  • 03.


    starting from 250 000 rubles

    Expensive finishing materials, furniture and sanitary equipment are used in “Business” class prefabricated bathroom pods, having the potential for available accessories installation.


Works Procedure

It takes 3 days to assemble the pod at the factory.

  1. 1st stage

    Terms of Reference coordination with a Customer

    3 days
  2. 2nd stage

    individual prefabricated bathroom pod design development

    7-10 days
  3. 3rd stage

    calculation and coordination of estimated costs

    3-7 days
  4. 4th stage

    prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturing

    3 days
  5. 5th stage

    prefabricated bathroom pod installation

    30 minutes
The process of the prefabricated bathroom pod installation into a monolith structure (PIK Group)
Modulbau is the only producer of prefabricated bathroom pods for monolithic building. Prefabricated bathroom pods installation into monolith structures may be performed at any stage of construction before the face of the building is completed. It takes only 30 minutes to install the pod.

Benefits for real estate developers

  • Reduction of total construction period due to reduction of time required for finishing works by 40%
  • Reduction of total cost of construction due to cuts of finishing costs by 30%
  • Half as many finishers needed and 100% increase of project controllability
  • Readiness of an apartment with prefabricated bathroom pod is ensured in less time thus resulting in more than 60 000 rubles economy for every apartment.
  • Chief project engineer receives a ready-made design of the prefabricated bathroom pod with all utility systems; all that is left to do is to connect the external assemblies.

Benefits for users

  • High manufacturing standards and improved working conditions allow to achieve high quality ratings of products manufactured and reduction of manufacturing period, which in turn results in reduction of cost of modular prefabricated bathroom pods and thus of housing prices.
  • Each modular prefabricated bathroom pod is delivered with conformity certificate and data sheet with utility layout allowing the owner to modify prefabricated bathroom pods with zero risk of their damage.
  • Control of manufacturing techniques and testing of all systems allow to guarantee a high quality of the products and to provide an enhanced warranty period for all assemblies of prefabricated bathroom pods to the owner.
  • Use of certified high quality materials and equipment of leading European and domestic manufacturers having life time not less than the useful life of a residential building.